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1.1 Stage l – Lattes Curriculum Analysis: of a classificatory character, with a weight of 0.30 (zero point thirty).

  1. a) Stage I – Curriculum Analysis comprises the score of the Curriculum Lattes documented. The aspects that will be scored are described in annex 2 (two), and will be considered if duly proven.
  2. b) In this stage, the score obtained by the Lattes curriculum will be transformed into a score from 0 (zero) to 100 (one hundred).
1.2 Stage II – Evaluation of the research pre-project: eliminatory character, with a weight of 0.15 (zero point fifteen).
     a) The candidates must submit the research pre-project, together with the documentation required in item 4.6 of this notice.
     b) In the evaluation of the pre-project, the items listed in annex 3 (three) will be considered.
   c) In the evaluation of the research pre-project, the following aspects will be considered: a) Research problem adhering to a research line of the master's degree course; b) Clear and concise research problem and objectives; c) Justification supporting the research; d) Expected contributions with the research proposal; e) Theoretical foundation and bibliographical references of the research, consistent with the research problem and objectives; f) Methodological procedures consistent with the problem and research objectives; g) Adaptation to the formatting rules of the research pre-project.
   d) The final grade of the research pre-project will be obtained by the simple arithmetic mean of this evaluation. The score for this Stage will be from 00 to 100 (one hundred).
   e) The Research Pre-Projects evaluated by the Selection Commission with grades below 70 (seventy) eliminate the respective candidates from the selection process.
     f) Evaluation of the project will be in double-blind review by professors of the respective research line.

1.3 Stage III – Presentation and discussion of the Research Pre-Project and Lattes curriculum: of a classificatory character, with a weight of 0.55 (zero point fifty-five).
     a) The discussions will take place by means of video conferences (in the morning and afternoon periods). The date and time of the discussion will be published in a notice. The candidates classified for the discussion  must add their Skype® contact, to the user provided by Unioeste's PPGC. At the time and date defined for the discussion, the candidate must be connected and available 30 minutes before the scheduled time, for image and sound tests. There will be no time rescheduling possibility. It is the candidate's responsibility to provide a stable and secure internet connection and equipment that allows simultaneous transmission of sound and image. The Program is not responsible for any connection failures that prevent or hinder the discussion.
     b) This Stage aims at assessing the rhetorical capacity for presentation and defense of the research pre-project proposal, as well as the defense of the curriculum.
    c) The candidates classified in Stage II - research pre-project will be invited to Stage III – Presentation and discussion of the research pre-project and Lattes curriculum.

1.4 The grades for stages I, II and III are assigned on a scale from 0 (zero) to 100 (one hundred).
1.5 In the eliminatory stage, the minimum passing grade is 70 (seventy) points.

2.1 Final classification of the candidates will be in alphabetical order, defined by the weighted mean resulting from the grades obtained in stages I, II and III, with stage I having the weight of 0.30, stage II, a weight of 0.15 and stage III,a weight of 0.55, as shown in Chart 2:

                                   Chart 2 - Weights of the Stages in the final grade




I. Analysis of the Lattes Curriculum,of a classificatory character;

Annex 2


II. Analysis of the Research Pre-Project, of a classificatory character;

Proposal according to Annex 3


III. Discussion about the Research Pre-Project and Curriculum, of a classificatory character.



2.2 In case of a tie in the final classification, it will be decided in the following order:
   a) highest grade in the Lattes curriculum and in the interview;
   b) highest grade in the Research Pre-Project;
   c) best result in the discussion.

The candidates whose final grade is equal to or greater than 50.0 (fifty) points will be considered approved.


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