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Master and Doctorate in Biosciences and Health



The concentration area "biology, health-disease process and health policies" was built with the purpose of engaging teachers linked to this proposal, in an interdisciplinary perspective, according to their academic training and research subjects emphasis. In addition, this area seeks to meet the real needs of regional and national research activities, in accordance with the priorities of health research defined by the Ministry of Health. Cascavel city is a reference center in health care and the Cascavel Campus of Unioeste is a center of academic training for health professionals. Thus, in this context it was proposed through this concentration area to carry out studies related to epidemiological an sanitaies healt problems, sectorial polices, academic training and management or work; researching the solution of such problems, as well as performing basic and applied research that helps to understand the organic conditions, pathophysiological mechanisms, risk factors and morbid processes that interfere in the lives of people and communities. In this way, it is expected as a result to have a relevant scientific production that instrumentalize the health professionals and related areas, providing constant updating to those who work providing care to the human being, and also in the academic training and health education and Biology. It is also hoped that the results of production in this area of concentration can instrumentalize managers of the areas involved in the elaboration of public policies that intervene in order to solve the problems in this field.


2069 Universitária Street - Jardim Universitário - Cascavel Campus - Zip code: 85819-110 - Cascavel – Paraná, Brazil