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Master in Electrical Engineering and Computing



The Master in Electrical Engineering and Computing (PGEEC), from the Western Paraná State University (Unioeste), Campus Foz do Iguaçu, aims to train highly qualified masters to work in both educational institutions and the industrial segment. This program has a Masters Level organized as Academic Modality, seeking by technical and scientific improvement in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 


  • Train qualified masters, both to work in educational institutions and for the industrial segment, who have technical and scientific mastery in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering; 
  • Train human resources with the domain on the scientific method, familiar with the use of advanced tools and technologies to guide the processes of creation, transformation, dissemination and application of knowledge acquired for the benefit of regional and national development; and 
  • Propose and conduct research activities in the light of existing scientific knowledge, contributing to regional and national scientific and technological development in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 


PGEEC has a semester academic regime, and the academic year consists of 1st and 2nd semesters. The minimum number of credits required is 48, as follows: 06 (six) credits in compulsory classes; at least 18 credits in elective classes, and 24 credits awarded for the approval of the master's thesis defense. Each subject credit corresponds to fifteen hours of scheduled activities, comprising theoretical and practical classes, seminars and special topics. 


PGEEC has support infrastructure for the student to develop their subjects and other teaching activities of the course, through the Study Room and the following Research Laboratories: 

  • Renewable Energy Engineering and Knowledge Management Laboratory; 
  • Power Systems Simulation Laboratory (SIMULAB); 
  • Technology Laboratory for Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Sources. 

The PGEEC bibliographic collection is available at the Paulo Freire Library, located in the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI). The collection has books from both UNIOESTE and PTI. Master's students have access to the CAPES Journal Portal's worldwide database of scientific publications. 


Unioeste/Campus de Foz do Iguaçu
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