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Master and Doctorate in Biosciences and Health



The  Program in Biosciences and Health offers research opportunity along the following lines:

  1. Health-Illness Process;
  2. Health Practices and Policies;
  3. Factors Influencing Organic Morphophysiology.

  1. Health-Illness Process

This line aims to discuss concepts of the health-disease process and generate knowledge and innovations in basic and applied research, diagnostic aid, therapeutic, prevention of pathological processes and health promotion.

  1. Health Practices and Policies

This line, from the perspective of social determination of the health-disease process, aims to study health policies, practices, and production processes.

  1. Factors Influencing Organic Morphophysiology

This line aims to develop studies of the morphology, physiology and organic conditions of organisms due to socio-environmental and / or behavioral factors, with potential or confirmed influence on the health-disease process.


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