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Master in Economics


 Train qualified human resources to act in higher education and research institutions, train professionals from the public and private sectors to appropriate new knowledge, especially in regional economic development and the agribusiness economy, contributing to the solution of local, regional and national problems, contribute to the improvement and innovation of public policies in the municipal, state and federal spheres, especially in non-metropolitan regions and border areas (physical, productive and demographic), contribute to the consolidation of research groups through the development of consistent projects involving undergraduate, scientific initiation and graduate students, strengthening undergraduate teaching through the improvement of teachers and creating research opportunities for undergraduate students, promoting the integration between university and society, encouraging the conduct of applied research and participating in forums and councils linked to regional development, producing and disseminating new knowledge through the publication and organization of seminars and congresses.


The proposal of the Graduate Program in Economics - Master - (PGE), now submitted to CAPES, was part of this process of expansion and consolidation of the institution in the region. Unioeste is integrated into the economic and social processes in the regions covered by the University and its surroundings, West and Southwest of Paraná. The western region, until recently (1980s), was considered an agricultural border, in fact, by many scholars under the category of last border in agricultural production in the south of the country. Due to the rapid economic and social transformations, currently the region is seen as an agro-industrial border due to the installation of several industrial plants in the slaughter and processing of poultry and pigs, however, it advances to be a productive border, by increasing the diversification of production.
The first proposal was submitted in 2012 to CAPES (APCN Proposal: 8508) and approved by the Area Committee with Concept 3 after the response of Diligence of Documents (OFFICE No 040-10/2012/DLG/New Course/CAAII/CGAA/DAV), in which we clarified and answered the questions raised; within which we considered the most sensitive, it concerned the teaching staff, because it did not meet some requirements of CAPES, because we were extrapolating the participation of teachers in more than one program, however, it was not disapproved by CTC. In the current proposal, the basic structure of the initial project was maintained (pedagogical and scientific arguments, concentration area and research lines) and adjustments were made to the teaching staff; there will be three permanent professors participating in two programs, some no longer participate in the project or were accredited as contributing professors, and also new professors were included.


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