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Master in Natural Resources Conservation & Management



Area of Concentration: Environmental Sciences
Thus, the PPRN is in full consolidation, with its growing numbers, which demonstrates its importance in the regional context in the face of the problem that is in its focus and is in a phase of transition, and we await the final opinion to implement the change that will also involve the name of the concentration area that has become "Environmental Sciences", opening new perspectives for its history.

Research lines:
1) Biodiversity and valuation of natural environments.
The studies in this line of research are focused on the knowledge of biodiversity, metacommunity dynamics and studies of ecology applied to conservation and for the evaluation of environmental impacts in continental and terrestrial water systems. These studies, in addition to generating technologies applied to resource management, allow the promotion of ecological restoration strategies, since the databases of native species in the areas studied contribute to studies on the valuation of systemic services in Brazilian biomes.

2) Monitoring and management of anthropized environments.
The studies in this line of research are focused on the monitoring and development of sustainable agricultural and veterinary pest control practices, bioindication and biomonitoring, evaluation of diffuse pollution and permanent organic pollutants and the treatment of effluents. The studies in this line of research are characteristic of agro-industrial regions, and intend to present strategies for the valuation of agricultural and industrial residues, for the generation of value-added products using biotechnological routes, thus preserving biodiversity and providing better added quality to the product.


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