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Master in Public Health in Border Region


The Program is located in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil, geographically located at the convergence of three MERCOSUL member countries (Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina) presenting a unique condition for the integration of theoretical, philosophical and practical knowledge between health and related areas.

The Master’s degree seeks to enhance the development of research in public health, aiming at the repercussion of public healthcare services in the Border Region, which still needs to conform health policies and programs and to improve Primary Healthcare as a step to organise the other points of attention of the public system.

The Pedagogical Project instrumentalises the training of researchers through the interaction between different disciplinary fields, to seek solutions to particular and complex health problems, having as scope the care, the health-disease process and interdisciplinarity, which is compatible with social needs at the Triple Frontier. The challenge is the production of transnational research, which will lead to the creation of knowledge in public health, beyond the scope of a single country.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Health and related fields professionals


Unioeste/Foz do Iguaçu/PPGSPRF
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