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Master and PhD degrees in Agricultural Engineering



The curricular structure is composed of the following items: compulsory requirements, compulsory subjects (O), and elective subjects.


- 24 credits for Master's students and 48 credits for Doctoral students, in compulsory and elective subjects,  being 50% in the respectively Research Area (Biological and Agroindustrial Systems or Water Resources and Environmental Sanitation)
- English proficiency: level A1 for Master Degree and A2 for Doctorate Degree 
- Seminars I, compulsory attendance is required for Masters' and Doctoral students. In Seminars II, for Master's and Doctoral students, public presentation of final or partial results. The students must also attend six final master's or doctoral defenses, done at any time and in any Graduate Program in Brazil or abroad. 
- Teaching Internship is optional for Master's students and compulsory for Doctoral students; the request must occur once, held on a single date, at the beginning of each academic year, defined in the calendar.
- Qualification Exam: consists of presenting the dissertation (Master) or the thesis (Doctorate) project. The Qualification exam must be done up to 15 months of the course for Master's students and up to 20 months of the course for Doctoral students. 


Experimental Statistics and Methodology of Scientific Research are compulsory subjects for Masters' and Doctoral students, of the related domain for the areas of concentration, and should be included in the calculation of 50% of subjects studied in the related domain. These subjects may also be taken in other programs in Brazil or abroad, with prior agreement of the professor responsible for the subject.


Subjects offered by PGEAGRI or other programs in Brazil or abroad. Normally these subjects are classified as AC in their respective area and as DC in the other area of concentration; however, there may be DC or AC subjects in both areas. Special topic subjects (TP) are classified in AC or DC, depending on the teaching plan.

Subjects offered by Biological and Agroindustrial Systems

Subjects offered by Water Resources and Environmental Sanitation

Precision Agriculture I   Evaluation of Irrigation Systems 
Precision Agriculture II  Irrigation and Fertirrigation 
Multivariate Analysis   Agro-environmental Biotechnology 
Geostatistic  Bioremediation 
Geoprocessing I: Remote Sensing and Global Positioning System   Water and Solutes Dynamics in Soil 
Geoprocessing II: Geographic Information Systems - SIG   Hydrology 
Experimental design and Process Optimization    Biological Processes in Waste Utilization 
Post-Harvesting of Agricultural Products  Agroindustrial Solid Waste 
Drying and Storage of Grains and Seeds  Water Reuse in Agriculture 
Agroindustrial Systems  Environmental Sanitation 
Statistical Technique of Process Control  Wastewater Treatment 
Defensive application technology  Treatment of Animal Residues 
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery  Special Topics in Water Resources and Environmental Sanitation 
Special Topics in Biological and Agroindustrial Systems   


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