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Fishing Resources and Fishing Engineering



1) Aquaculture:
The research line in Aquaculture has the objective of optimizing processes of aquatic organisms creation, and as the main repercussion, it is expected to increase the aquaculture production, by optimizing the production process and/or by adding value to the final product. In this research line, the studies of cultivable aquatic species will focus on issues related to production systems, polyculture, population density, food management, water quality, determination of nutritional requirements, food evaluation, reproduction and cryopreservation techniques, sexual reversion, larviculture, alevinage, production of young forms and/or seeds of aquatic organisms and prophylaxis.

2) Management and Conservation of Indoor Water Fishery Resources:
The research line in Inland Water Fisheries Resources Management and Conservation aims to evaluate the fishery resources of inland waters, in order to establish the maximum levels of sustainable yield and management measures necessary for the maintenance of these levels, as well as the development of technologies and actions aimed at increasing fisheries production in rivers and reservoirs. In this research line, the studies of fishery resources will focus on issues related to initial development, food, reproduction, spatial distribution, stock assessment, sustainable development, impact mitigating actions and measures that seek to meet the needs and concerns of artisanal and commercial fishermen.


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