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Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences



The Stricto-sensu Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences at UNIOESTE was created through the work and dedication of a group of professors from the Pharmacy undergraduate course at the State University of West Paraná (UNIOESTE), Cascavel campus, with approval by CAPES in 2012.

The Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences (PCF-UNIOESTE) is part of the large area of Health Sciences, linked to the Center for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CCMF) of the Cascavel Campus of the State University of West Paraná (UNIOESTE).

The objectives of PCF-UNIOESTE are:

I - train human resources that meet the requirements of qualification and expansion in different areas of teaching and research, related to Pharmaceutical Sciences;

II - develop, improve and disseminate technical-scientific knowledge in the areas of concentration of PCF-UNIOESTE;

III - contribute to the consolidation of UNIOESTE's policy of vertical integration of education;

IV - to develop concepts, promote knowledge of scientific and technological research methods and the training of human resources for the exercise of teaching, extension and research activities.

V - propose partnerships with other UNIOESTE courses and programs, as well as public and private, national and/or international institutions.


2069 Universitária Street - Room 88 - 3º Floor - UNIOESTE - Western Paraná State University Classroom Building - Jardim Universitário Neighborhood - Zip code:85819-110 - Cascavel/PR.