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Master in Accounting Sciences



Concentration area: Controllership

Research Line 01: Managerial Accounting and Control in Organizations

Research Line 02: Financial Accounting and Finance

The Graduate Program in Accounting (Programa de Pós-Graduação em Contabilidade, PPGC), of the Center for Applied Social Sciences of the State University of West Paraná – UNIOESTE – Cascavel Campus-PR, offers the Master's Course in Accounting for holders of an undergraduate degree at a higher level in a course recognized by the National Education Council of the Ministry of Education (Conselho Nacional de Educação do Ministério da Educação, CNE/MEC), or of a graduation diploma issued by a foreign Higher Education Institution (HEI), duly revalidated under the law, in any knowledge area.

The Masters' course began its activities in 2015, welcoming candidates with degrees in Accounting or in related areas such as: administration, economy, law, production engineering, computer sciences, psychology, political science, sociology, philosophy, statistics and applied mathematics, among others.

The Graduate Program in Accounting at UNIOESTE (PPGC) at the master's level aims at training teachers and researchers capable of applying knowledge in the accounting area and of developing teaching, research and extension activities with an emphasis on the area of Controllership. Additionally, it aims at providing students with a holistic view in order to train them to propose solutions that enable accounting users to promote financial and managerial controls in the organizations.

Specific objectives:To train the students to develop research and extension activities contributing to the training of teachers and researchers;

  • Train professionals with an integrated view of aspects involving controllership, focusing on management accounting and control in organizations and financial accounting and finance, to coordinate and plan financial and economic strategies in organizations;
  • o train professionals with an integrated view of the aspects involving controllership, under the focus of managerial accounting and control in organizations and of financial accounting and finance, so as to coordinate and plan financial and economic strategies in the organizations;
  • To provide the master's students with a global view of the management control processes, business risks and technical standards and procedures of corporate accounting;
  • To develop studies for the improvement of management controls and financial accounting arising from regional demand;
  • To disseminate knowledge that contributes to the continuous improvement of accounting in the organizations;
  • To contribute to regional development through accounting and its repercussions in relation to its users, with regard to the managerial and financial aspects of the organizations.

The consolidation of the Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in Accounting, Master's level, will enable the expansion of UNIOESTE's operations in western Paraná, directly meeting the local social demand and contributing to the improvement in the qualification of the faculty for higher education teaching to develop teaching, research and extension activities capable of producing theoretical knowledge with an empirical scope; as well as in the qualification of professionals to develop activities and act in support of the management process, aimed at proposing solutions to problems that occur in the business environment.


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