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UNIOESTE’S Graduate Program in Letters – concentration area Language and Society has been accredited by Capes by means of Ordinance No. 3.949-MEC, 12/30/2002. Launched on 02/18/2003, its CAPES classification is 5.

In 2011, CAPES approved the Proposal for a Doctoral Course in Letters through APCN Evaluation/Proposal Form No. 7326, from November 23, 2011, as well as Official Letter No. 186-10/2011/CTC/CAAII/CGAA/DAV/CAPES, from November 29, 2011.

The Program’s mission is the academic, scientific, technological and cultural development of the institution’s territorial area of influence, considering linguistic, literary, cultural and educational phenomena resulting from the particular mobility of border regions, without, however, disregarding the overall challenge of producing knowledge on universal themes and subjects. Our researches focus on the relationship between language and the linguistic/literary/cultural/social, corroborating the importance of this area of concentration in meeting the demands of research projects aimed at studies in the socio-cultural contexts of rural settlements, linguistic islands, indigenous villages, bilingualisms, hybridisms and other phenomena involving language, teaching and cultural contact, as well as literary and cultural phenomena in the Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina tri-border region.

Developmental perspectives and tendencies

  1. a) Implementation of research groups and projects by means of interinstitutional, national and international partnerships;
  2. b) Continuous promotion of teacher qualification within the scope of the Program – Post-Doctoral Internships and Research Productivity Scholarships – Policies for full-time leave, so professors may dedicate themselves to research in post-doctoral internships;
  3. c) Greater participation of teachers in the network of national and international researchers;
  4. d) Incentives to internationalization and innovation projects in the area of Letters and linguistics;
  5. e) Incentives to carry out sandwich PhD in centers of research excellence within the Program’s area of concentration;
  6. f) Promotion of fundamental and applied research aiming at an ongoing articulation between undergraduate and graduate courses;
  7. g) Survey of academic demands within each research line, and forwarding of projects to Senior Research Professor and Foreign Research Professors in the Program.


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