Mandatory Academic Subjects Credicts Workload
Methodology of scientific research in Accounting Sciences 2 30
Qualitative methods applied to research in Accounting Sciences 2 30
Quantitative methods applied to research in Accounting 2 30
Teaching methodology in Accounting Sciences 2 30
Dissertation seminar 2 30
Controllership 2 30
Accounting theory 2 30
Line of Research 1: Managerial Accounting and Control in organizations
Subjects Credicts Workload
Strategic and competitive scenarios 2 30
Management Planning and Control 2 30
Strategic Cost Management 2 30
Intangible Asset Management and Business Valuation 2 30
Supervision of Teacher Professionalization  2 30
Line of Research 2: Financial Accounting and Finance
Subjects Credicts Workload
Advanced analysis of the economic and financial performance of companies 2 30
Econometric models applied to Accounting 2 30
Corporate and public governance 2 30
Analysis of Project and Investments 2 30
Contemporary topics in Corporate Accounting 2 30
Activities Credicts MinimumWorkload
Workshop on Research and Practices in Accounting Sciences 0 30
Teaching Internship 0 30

The student must participate in the Workshop on research and practices in Accounting Sciences and in the Teaching Internship in Higher Education (for uninitiated students), as a requirement of the mandatory complementary activities, under the guidance and supervision of their supervisor.

Note: If already initiated in teaching activities and dismissed by the supervisor, the student must complete the 60 hours of complementary activities in the workshop on research and practices in Accounting Sciences.