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Cascavel is often called the capitol of Western Paraná. It  has a modern agriculture, a diversified service sector and an attractive commerce. There is an ongoing process of agro-industrialization based on the highest world technologies, which attracts and surprises many people. The city has high standards of quality of life. Cascavel has a large hospital network, with qualified medical and surgical procedures, comparable to first world countries. The campus of Cascavel is a center for the production of knowledge and training of professionals in medicine, biology, dentistry, physiotherapy, pharmacy and life sciences. At the Western Paraná University Hospital, beyond supervised training of the academics, there is an effort to improve the quality of the medical care to the population. To Cascavel, geographical center of Mercosur and the headquarters of the Rectory, the presence of Unioeste catalyzes efforts to advance the social, economic and cultural indicators. The institution is now a major attraction for young people from all over Brazil.

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